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Catcher Baits Fully Loaded Peach & Pepper at Catcher Baits
> Fully Loaded Peach & Pepper
Catcher Baits
Fully Loaded Peach & Pepper

Price: £39.99 - £140.00

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Fully Loaded, An honest alternative approach.
Does this sound familiar, you work all week waiting to finish on Friday so you can go fishing. You rush to your chosen venue and you pull into a car park full of cars (Nightmare).
You have the choice of maybe one or swim’s as the others are taken. You quickly make your way to a swim before that gets taken to.
There are two ways to fish in this situation, firstly you could fish single hookbaits with a three bait stringer and hope to nick a bite? Or you could create a bed of bait and hope to draw the feeding fish into your swim. Choice two is ok if you have the backing .

Myth exploded – Fully Loaded
Take a selection of quality blend of fishmeals, ground oyster shell and krill/seaweed, plus milk proteins and semolina mix with eggs and salmon oil. Finished with some unique flavour blends and roll into balls. No fancy this and that just a bait fully loaded with decent fishmeals, that is supplied in 2.5 kilo bags at a sensible price only in shop or larger amounts to order from our webstite, not cheap crap just carp bait!

There is couple of versions available:
FULLY LOADED TUNA- A flavour blend combining a flavour blend of Tuna and Salmon, added to the Fully Loaded base mix with added crushed egg shell or without.

FULLY LOADED PEACH– with black pepper oil combined with SALMON OIL added to the Fully Loaded base mix with added crushed egg shell or without.

You want a proper fishmeal bait then this is the one to get on..

All our boilies are post free..so why not have ago on any of our range....

also when you order any of our boilies ,why not order other products at the same time and get them post free..


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Catcher Baits Fully Loaded Peach & Pepper

Note: Product colour, size, texture and packaging may vary from displayed above.

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