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There is a new online webstore in the making and will ready by the end of April. In the meantime if you have any queries or need to place an order please ring shop on 01795 423808

Available Now
The Black Crab & Fruit has been our best selling boilie for many years and has caught loads of carp since it was developed and continues to do so from waters in the UK and abroad.

We have now decided to extend the Black Crab & Fruit and introduce new flavours with a different colour but it still contains the same mix used for the Black Crab & Fruit.

The Black Crab Range

Black Crab & Fruit (all time great, dark red)
Black Crab & Maple (slight Robin Red)
Black Crab & Peach (Slightly darker natural colour)

Pay via Palpal or ring shop on 01795 423808 to pay by debit/credit card

You can also add any additional items such as pop-ups, dips, paste to go with the boilie at a added cost

Need any terminal tackle. We stock Korda, Esp, Drennan, Thinking Anglers, Avid Carp at an added cost.
Available Now The New 'Cellmate' a Coconut based boilie which is selling extremely well. Need i say more!!!!!!!!

All baits priced per kilo. 5 kilo min order and sizes 14mm to 22mm

The Catcher Baits Classic Range
Available on request

Tuna Supreme
Tigernut & Maple
Coconut Cream
Liver Sausage
Fruit Bomb
Squid & Scopex
Banana Bunspice
Pineapple & Banana
Frosty Fruit
Big Red
Other flavour combinations available on request, please ring for details

All baits from the Classic range priced per kilo. 5 kilo min order and sizes 14mm to 22mm

Catcher Baits Shop :  01795 423808
Pop-ups & Sticky Dips
Pop-ups available to match your selected boile as well as a runny or sticky dip of the same flavouring to match
Paste Slabs
Slabs of 500g paste to match your boilies or as much as you fancy
Email me for further information



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