Winter Rolling 10mm Boilies    

Thrilla Boilie 10mm

The NEW Catcherbaits Carp Catching Thrilla bait is a nut mix containing a high milk protein con..

Black Crab and Fruit Boilie 10mm

The Black Crab & Fruit has been our best selling boilie for many years and has caught loads of c..

Force 1 Boilie 10mm

This winning bait combination of the Black Crab & Fruit and the Fully Loaded is going to be a wi..

The Kernal Boilies 10mm

Well here it is. The complete nut mix that will catch you fish all year round. The Catcherbaits Carp..

Twisted Nut Boilies 10mm

Catcherbaits Twisted Nut is a new winter bait based on the Kernal and contains crushed roasted peanu..

Winter Fruit Boilies 10mm

Catcherbaits Winter Fruits is based on a high milk protein based bait that is ideal for winter sessi..

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