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 Just a quick note a very good friend of mine died last week of Cancer i found out the morning as i was going fishing. What i decided to do was if i caught an unknown fish over twenty pounds i would name that fish after my friend named Mary. I am at present fishing a safe area on a bird sanctuary where with permission from the Head baliff he wants fish transfered into the main lake. This is the first time in many years that any body has been allowed to do this, well any how i went for two nights and had a 15lb mirror a 17lb common and on the last morning before going home i had a 25lb mirror which i was well chuffed with, this fish was in mint condition no hook marks inside mouth and still had the curtain fully intacted this fish had never graced the bank before, this was then transfered into the main lake. This fish is now named Mary pictures to follow. This particular refugee is well snaggey but very carpy and you are prone to losing big fish in the snaggs. An hour before packing up i had a belting run and connected with a large carp this fish tryed getting into every snagg you could imagine after 10 minutes of playing this fish it was almost beaten i then turned round to get landing net when the hook pulled, i was gutted i briefly seen the fish it was a thirty talk about gutted but thats fishing for you some you win some you lose. I will do a proper feature with photos in the next month if my good friend Frank could put them on this site. All these fish were on franks bait.

This fish is now Named Mary in memory of my friend who died last week,  to all Barnwell Country Park Members who fish North Lake, please keep the name.

Cheers Frank
Ian Luff