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Catcher Baits Boilie Range
These mixes have a combination of birdfoods/pre-digested/Lt/provimi fishmeals/caseinates/milk powders/meat meals/bloodmeals/natural additives and oyster shell. These are available in 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24mm. 10 - 12 mm are available at an added cost. Bait rolling service is also available at £2.50 per kilo of dry mix.
The Boilie Range
14, 16, 18, 20, 22, & 24mm. 10, 12mm are available at an added cost


 Mix Includes



 Aniseed & Particle  Birdfood  Natural Brown
 Big Red  Fishmeal-Birdfood-Robin Red  Dark Red  New for 2008
 Black Crab 'n' Fruit  Fishmeal-Birdfood-Robin Red  Dark Red  No 1 Seller for 2006/2007
 Bloodworm  Birdfood  Red  
 Cherry Cola  Birdfood  Red  New For 2008
 Chilli Fish  Birdfood-Robin Red  Red  New For 2008
 Coconut Cream  Birdfood  Creamy White  Top Seller
 Frenzied Fruit  Birdfood  Red
 Frosty Fruit  Birdfood  Yellow  New
 Frosty Spice  Birdfood  Yellow  New
 Garlic Mussel  Birdfood  Red  Top Seller
 Honey Yucatan  Birdfood  Yellow
 HNV 68  Fishmeal-Robin Red  Red
 Hot Chilli & Hemp  Birdfood  Light Red  New For 2008
 Liver Supreme  Fishmeal-Birdfood  Natural Brown  
 Maple 'n' Tigernut  Birdfood - Ground Tigernuts  Natural Brown  3rd Top Seller for 2007
 Oily Halibut  Fishmeal-Birdfood  Black
 Peach 'n' Blackpepper  Birdfood  Dark Orange/Red  
 Pineapple & Banana  Birdfood  Yellow  5th Top Seller for 2007
 Pineapple Crush  Birdfood  Yellow  
 Shellfish & Plum  Birdfood-Fishmeal-Robin Red  Red  
 Squid & Caviar  Birdfood  Black  Top Seller
 Squid & Scopex  Bird food  Yellow  4th Top Seller for 2007
 Squid & Cranberry  Birdfood-Fishmeal  Red  
 Squid & Shrimp  Fishmeal-Birdfood  Natural Brown
 Spicy Sausage  Birdfood  Natural Brown  Top Seller
 Stinky Flowers Class 'A'  Birdfood  Red
 Stinky Flowers Class 'B'  Birdfood  Red
 Strawberry Cream  Birdfood  Red  
 Tigernut  Birdfood - Ground Tigernuts  Natural Brown  Top Seller
 Tuna Supreme  Fishmeal  Natural Brown  2nd Top Seller for 2007
 Chicken & Garlic  Fishmeal  Natural Brown  New For 2008
 Tutti Crush  Birdfood  Orange  
 Wild Rosehip  Birdfood  Orange  
 Winter Spice  Birdfood  Creamy White  Top Seller
Other combinations or flavours available on request only, ring shop for enquiries on 01795 474654
1 KG = £7.99,  5 KG = £ 35.00, 10 KG = £65.00, 20 KG = £120.00
Sticky Dips £4.50                Popups £4.95
Plus Postage £7.99 UP TO 25 KG

Paste Slabs available now!
500g = £3.99. All Flavours
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